The flash_cookie_session gem

Rails 3 cookie sessions can cooperate with Flash. It’s a pain in the ass, but it is possible.

I just pushed up a small gem called flash_cookie_session that’s useful for Flash-based file uploaders (SWFUpload, Uploadify, Plupload, etc) that need to cooperate with Rails.

The problem is that Rails uses cookie-based sessions to keep track of the current_user, etc. You may also have to worry about the authenticity_token being passed around if you’re using protect_from_forgery and you’d like to avoid those pesky InvalidAuthenticityToken errors.

There are many, many blog posts about this:

There are many possible solutions. This gem represents a meager attempt to make this all a bit easier to deal with in Rails 3. No need for special routes, no need to manually configure FlashSessionCookieMiddleware, etc.

The installation instructions and more information can be found here:


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