Flowcoder: Share, refactor, and tweet code snippets

I just realized that I never posts about our entry into the Rails Rumble last year.

Flowcoder: An Evolution of the Code Snippet Site

Coded and designed by @gbuesing, @scottymac, and @trevorturk for @railsrumble in 2009.

Flowcoder has what you would expect from a code snippet side: multiple language support, raw code view, and support for embedding on other sites.

What was missing for us and what we really wanted was a site that featured not just the code, but the people creating the code. Just as we glean interesting tidbits about people’s lives from Twitter, we wanted to learn from our favorite coders by being able to follow the kind of code snippets they create. We wanted to share our own code snippets and have others refactoring them: to fix, optimize, and make them better, and learn in the process. And we wanted to be kept informed: when your code is refactored on Flowcoder, you’ll see an @reply from @flowcoderbot with some information and a link. This closes the loop in a casual, low bandwidth fashion and highlights the advantage of using Twitter as both an identity and notification system.


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