Weekly Digest, 6-22-09

How to speed up gem installs 10x

Answer: Turn off ri and rdoc installation.


Perch is a really little content management system for when you (or your clients) need to edit content without the hassle of setting up a big CMS.

Installing Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL on OS X, Third Edition

Over the past few years, I’ve helped you walk through the process of getting Ruby on Rails up and running on Mac OS X. The last version has been getting a lot of comments related to issues with the new Apple Leopard, so I’m going this post will expand on previous installation guides with what’s working for me as of January 2008.

Thoughts on Opera Unite

Opera’s CEO Jon von Tetzchner claims that “Opera Unite now decentralizes and democratizes the cloud.” I call bullshit. Opera Unite does indeed rely on a P2P-like network to function, but the big problem is that you must push all your traffic through Opera’s proxy service.

LESS – Leaner CSS

Less is Leaner css. Less extends css by adding: variables, mixins, operations and nested rules. Less uses existing css syntax. This means you can migrate your current .css files to .less in seconds and there is virtually no learning curve.

YC Company Hosting Stats

[Interesting stats and discussion on hosting.]

Rip: a RubyGems Replacement?

This makes package management as simple as passing files between friends. Email me your latest library, and I can run rip install path/to/lib. That’s it — you don’t need spec files, and you don’t need to build anything before your send me your code.


BigTable is a fast and extremely large-scale DBMS. However, it departs from the typical convention of a fixed number of columns, instead described by the authors as “a sparse, distributed multi-dimensional sorted map”, sharing characteristics of both row-oriented and column-oriented databases. BigTable is designed to scale into the petabyte range across “hundreds or thousands of machines, and to make it easy to add more machines [to] the system and automatically start taking advantage of those resources without any reconfiguration”.

Opera Unite reinvents the Web: a Web server on the Web browser

[Very interesting possibilities here. Making it easier for people to serve content on the web can only lead to good things.]

tenderlove’s markup_validity

Test for valid markup with test/unit or rspec


Hemlock is an open-source framework that combines the richness of Flash with the scalability of XMPP, facilitating a new class of web applications where multiple users can interact in real time. Games, workspace collaboration, educational tools… The only limit is your imagination.

Rip: A New Package Management System for Ruby

But why a completely new package manager? What’s wrong with RubyGems? We asked one of Rip’s developers, Chris Wanstrath…

Ruby at ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks started using Ruby for production projects in 2006, from then till the end of 2008 we had done 41 ruby projects. In preparation for a talk at QCon I surveyed these projects to examine what lessons we can draw from the experience. I describe our thoughts so far on common questions about Ruby’s productivity, speed and maintainability.

[git pull] drm-next

See? All the rules really are pretty simple. There’s that somewhat subtle
interaction between “keep your own history clean” and “never try to clean
up _other_ proples histories”, but if you follow the rules for pulling,
you’ll never have that problem.


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