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Craft the perfect gem with Jeweler

You should have a good idea of what Jeweler is all about by now. It makes gem creation an impulse action. It makes managing versions of gems nice and automated. Oh, and did I mention it is the GitHub recommended way for maintaining your gem? Now go forth, and craft the perfect gem.

My Git Workflow

…what I will do is give you a snapshot of my personal Git workflow(s). I have several, depending on the kind of project…

The Big Picture: The Inauguration of President Barack Obama

On January 20th, 2009, Barack H. Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America – the first African-American ever to hold the office of U.S. Commander-in-Chief. The event was witnessed by well over one million attendees in chilly Washington D.C., and by many millions more through coverage on television and the Internet. Collected here are photographs of the event, the participants, and some of the witnesses around the world.

Change has come to WhiteHouse.gov

Welcome to the new WhiteHouse.gov. A short time ago, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States and his new administration officially came to life. One of the first changes is the White House’s new website, which will serve as a place for the President and his administration to connect with the rest of the nation and the world.

The 37signals Effect

Every time 37signals gives out advice, there’s this 900 pound gorilla in the room that no one seems to notice. They wrote Ruby on Rails. They have a huge cult following. They have a blog with 80,000 RSS subscribers. Do you? The next time you read some of their advice ask yourself if it makes sense for them only because of all these things you can’t reproduce. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a chapter in Getting Real that says “First, write and release one of the most important and popular open source projects of the last 10 years”. But should there be?

Confreaks: RubyConf 2008

The Eighth International Ruby Conference, A.K.A. RubyConf 2008 was held in Orlando, Florida on November 6-8 of 2008. [I just got around to watching some of the videos. You can watch the 30min summary to see if there’s anything you’re interested in checking out.]


7 Myths About Managed Hosting

This is a lit of pro/con points about managed vs. unmanaged hosting. You may be called upon to take up one side or the other at a point in the very near future. Best to be prepared.

nru | lastminute.com labs

Unfortunately, this app is only currently available for UK Android users, but you gotta figure that something like it is on its way to the States. Basically, it’s a merge of Google Maps and a compass app–an annotated compass–that functions as a kind of personal radar for "events" or, (more likely) places.

Comcast Quits Throttling BitTorrent, Targets Heavy Users Instead

Comcast: just boycott it. Throttling anyone who attempts to use the service for which he has paid is not a solution to the problems they created when they started overselling the ever-loving shit out of their network. Seriously: just act like Comcast doesn’t exist.

Debian on Android installer released. – AndroidFanatic Community Forums

While I wouldn’t do this to my phone–partially for fear of bricking (and having to social engineer myself a replacement) it and partially for fear of having to add it to the list of computers that require daily attention/maintenance–it represents substantial progress towards the dream of a world in which phones are like computers: you buy them, ignore the pre-installed Microsoft OS, install your favorite Linux distro and do your thing however you decide that you need to do it.

GameDev.net – How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget

So, dude makes a bet that he can whip up an overhead dungeon crawler in the style of old-timey Dragon Warrior school RPG’s and documents his progress on this page. What makes it a worthwhile read is the pre-writing he did: when he starts working on a component of his game, he often lists certain assumptions or rough ideas he had going into that work. Those insights are, IMO, the valuable ones. Knowing how to pre-write is as important as being able to debug/edit.

Mobile Device Management Software – Mformation Technologies Inc. – 95% of Mobile Users Would Use More Data Services If Setup Were Easier

Cellphones, like non-HD TV, are dead and deprecated. And, much like non-HD TV signals, lots of people are still sticking to their cellphones because of laziness, confusion, ignorance, fear, etc. This little survey suggests that it’s mostly fear of lost information that’s keeping people from switching out their cellphones for smart phones. Interesting little factoid, that.

Events: Lifehacker’s Guide to Catching the Inauguration from Anywhere

Major props to LifeHacker for having the authoritative guide to catching the inauguration ready to go by Monday morning. It’s nice to see dudes practicing what they preach (i.e. getting things /done/).

Running multiple instances of MySQL on the same machine | MDLog:/sysadmin

As you phase MySQL out of your life, you may find that you want to centralize all your legacy MySQL db’s (e.g. your 4.x MySQL db that you can’t upgrade and your current 5.x that you don’t want chewing up resources on your production machines and that 5.1.x that you had to install in order to make it clear to your superiors that MySQL was dead) on a single machine. This is a good guide to getting started on that.

YouTube – ChangeDotGov’s Channel

Obviously going to be slashdotted all to shit this week: I’d feel remiss if I didn’t do my bit to help Google set all kinds of bandwidth records on this Inauguration.

Building desktop Linux applications with JavaScript: Page 1

Java apps are ugly and programming them is confounding (full disclosure: I think QT looks great, generally speaking, and I really, really like the way Opera looks). But as far as user-land goes, they’re preferable to anything that’s nailed to a single OS. Especially in ye olde enterprise setting. This Ars piece makes the case for more "extensibility" and interoperability en route to a primer on "Seed". Worth a quick read, if only to have it as a talking point the next time someone wants an application developed for the office Windroids.


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