Weekly Digest, 1-4-09

Happy New Year! Would you like to click some links?


Ruby on Rails Guides

This page is the result of ongoing Rails Guides hackfest and a work in progress. [Lots of great stuff in here already!]

WordPress.com Terms of Service

…we’ve decided to make the below Terms of Service available under a Creative Commons Sharealike license, which means you’re more than welcome to steal it and repurpose it for your own use…

Stack Overflow is a Wiki

Stack Overflow launched about three months ago, and is already serving 8.3 million page views per month. The growth has been incessant.


G1 and Cupcake – What’s the Deal? | AndroidGuys

In addition to being a nice, clear explanation of what’s going on with "cupcake", the "service pack" upgrade for Android, this is also a good primer on exactly what the future of Android handsets is going to look like. For those wondering about whether total anarchy would ensue upon the arrival of a F/OSS mobile OS, the beginning of the answer is contained within this piece: it looks (as of right now) as though hardware manufacturers will begin with an Android "image", or tag, modify it as necessary, release it and maintain it, importing features from fresh tags as they see fit.

Simple-CDD – Debian Wiki

I recently learned about simple-cdd on account of a work-related necessity. Long story short, simple-cdd is a drop-dead simple way to create Debian installer CD’s that automatically install additional (i.e. non-stock) packages and set custom settings. Very awesome.

The PracTeX Journal – TeX Users Group

If you’re into LaTeX–and I am–and you find yourself having to convert your LaTeX projects into other formats (so that the plebs can edit them)–and I do–then this project will be of interest. PS: It’s also written in python. WIN.

DLL-files.com – Download all your missing dll-files.

I can’t personally vouch (this link came courtesy of LH), but if you’ve become accustomed to tearing the stuffing out of stock Windows installs within moments of product key activation, this website looks like it could be very handy: you search alphabetically for the DLL you’re after and you’re presented with version specific results. Excellent.


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