Weekly Digest, 12-28-08

Welcome to the final Weekly Digest of 2008. I hope the holidays have found you well 🙂


Towards Rack 1.0 / Introducing the Rack Core Team

Rack has become an important part of the Ruby infrastructure and should be managed as such. Thus I have founded the Rack Core Team, which consists of…

You Got your Merb in my Rails

Forcing Rails to acknowledge the needs of a community of people by proving those ideas out in code worked here, and it will work again.

Work on what you use and share the rest

It seems that we thoroughly caught the interwebs with surprise by announcing that Merb is being merged into Rails 3. 96% of the feedback seems to be very positive. People incredibly excited about us closing the rift and emerging as a stronger community.

Dispatch from the Front Lines

It’s been a very busy few days, but I’m glad to say that the work on the Rails/Merb merge is going quite smoothly. Some things that have already happened…

Bringing Merb’s provides/display into Rails 3

The flow of Merb ideas into Rails 3 is already under way. Let me walk you through one of the first examples that I’ve been working on the design for. Merb has a feature related to Rails’ respond_to structure that works for the generic cases where you have a single object or collection that you want to respond with in different formats.

The Merbist » Blog Archive » Merb/Rails merge, or Why should merbists be happy? | merb news – consulting – training

Why merge when we are about to win?! What does Merb win by being merged into Rails? Why not merge Rails into Merb? You are killing innovation by killing the competition. You screwed us over and now I have to go “back” to Rails. Rails 3.0 won’t even be as good as Merb 1.x. The Rails team won’t let you do what you have to do to merge Merb into Rails. DHH is a jerk.

Analemma Over the Porch of Maidens

If you took a picture of the Sun at the same time each day, would it remain in the same position? The answer is no, and the shape traced out by the Sun over the course of a year is called an analemma.

Riding Rails: Merb gets merged into Rails 3!

It’s christmas, baby, and do we have a present for you. We’re ending the bickering between Merb and Rails with a this bombshell: Merb is being merged into Rails 3!

Posterous launches dead simple group sites

Each site can now have multiple contributers. You can add your friends or family’s email addresses to any Posterous site you control, and they can then email stuff in too. All they have to do is email post@sitename.posterous.com. They don’t even need to register.


This site is a quick and dirty solution to a question that I often lay awake at night worrying about. Do I have my username registered across every site that I should? What if the next internet humiliation meme just happens to share the username I’ve been using for years…

Chief Of The Year: Amazon CTO Werner Vogels

Amazon offers a few metrics as proof points. There are 440,000 registered AWS developers, 29 billion objects stored in S3, and, earlier this year, the amount of network bandwidth consumed by AWS surpassed that required for Amazon’s retail site.

Useful OS X hidden features

So, especially for those of you using computers, instead of Windows, here’s some key combos and other built-in helper applications you might not already know about.


Y.P.R.: 11 Words That Sound Offensive, But Aren’t

You will laugh. You will laugh /out loud/.

Extended life battery for those experience less than desired G1 battery life | Android Community

I wouldn’t go so far as some have gone and say that the G1 has a worse battery life than the first gen iPhones, but I can confirm that if you like auto-location intensive softs like loopt or are using the phone to navigate and plan on having it find your location more than a few times while navigating, you will beat the stock G1 battery to within an inch of its life in a matter of two or three hours. Odds are good that I’m going to order one of these.

Debian Package of the Day » Blog Archive » watch (from procps): execute a program at regular intervals, and show the output

watch is one of my favorite programs of all time. You can always tell when my OCD is getting the better of me by how many tabs on my tab bar in konsole are just doing watch -d whatever


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