Don’t make me choose a feed format!

Here’s a quick tip for anyone out there making websites with syndication feed(s):

Don’t make me choose a feed format.

It all looks the same in my feed reader. Why make me choose?


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Trevor Turk

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2 thoughts on “Don’t make me choose a feed format!”

  1. Also agreed. I was actually just thinking about this moments ago in the context of using the link rel="alternate" tag to do an end-run around exactly this problem. Basically, I concluded that XML 1.0 and RSS 2.0 encoded in UTF8 were the de facto standard and that providing the other alternatives was a waste of everyone's time.

    I mean, I'm sure there are good reasons to use Atom, but when you're offering multiple alternatives for this, you're making more work for yourself and annoying the 90% of people who honestly couldn't care less what syndication format you use.

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