Stupid Linux Tricks: debug your website like a sysadmin

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3 thoughts on “Stupid Linux Tricks: debug your website like a sysadmin”

  1. wget -S is cool as I did not know about that option in wget. It does however annoyingly stick a index.html in your current path.

    I have this in my .zshrc.

    function http_headers {

    curl='whence curl'

    curl -I -L $@


    Which will do basically the same thing with curl minus cluttering up my path. Keep in mind whence won't work in bash, you'll need to replace it with which or whatever bash offers for a speeder internal command.

  2. … or you could use curl instead of wget and telnet

    For the sourcecode:


    For the headers:

    curl -I

    For everything else:

    curl –help


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